Social recognition, self-perception and job insecurity. The link? psychological distress and money.

“Psychologists rank job insecurity as one of the most stressful things about work –new research uncovers why.”

Reference article: Job insecurity cuts to the core of identity and social stability – and can push people towards extremism

Individual expression in one’s community is paramount. We are intrinsically social (need of expressing, sharing, creating) and interdependent to our surrounding communities, both in recognition as in material interdependence // we shall be “included” (in something). If this is a typical humanly circumstance, we can observe how the dynamic inclusion/exclusion is increasingly brought about in material terms (the more wealth you have, the more your existence is righteous), and monetarized (making money out of wealth inequality).

It follows, that human existence beyond its productive roles, is perceived – and treated by the status quo – as secondary. Meaning that we have a conception of realization, advancement, success, obstacles and so forth which is very often limited to the economic parameters, ignoring the psychological, emotional, cultural aspects (among others) of the individual.

Consequently, our identity (Western subject) has been gradually relegated to our professional outcomes and the social status associated to it. In other words, our social existence is now almost inextricably tied to our access to resources, namely financial – else you fall in the black hole of the marginalized /// so what? It appears that the opposite of poverty is not wealth. The opposite of poverty is justice.

Is there a way to conceive, and practice, our existence beyond our professional performance and social status?

How can we face the mounting precarization in an healthy and constructive manner?

Have a look at this article reflecting on a recent research on job insecurity, social psychology and social identification.

Side note: the article takes for granted that the public is limited to Western people. No space for polemy, just one observation – the greatest majority of human population, has its primary concern to be recognized as a human being all together (homosexuals, women, non-white people, Palestinians,….among the many)… Job security and related identity crisis are a reality far distant to those realities.


** This topic will be further analysed, looking into existing alternatives and in depth analysis of notion of well being and production under a capitalist system.

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