Trump and Africa, what about?

What does Donald Trump want for Africa? What does Africa want from Donald Trump? Cartoon: Damien Glez; Source: Thisisafrica 



In the reverberating speeches generously offered by President Trump, the African continent is nonexistent. Some countries in the continent are holding their breath, fearing a Trump-lead dire review of US-Africa relations (i.e. Nigeria and Uganda).

Despite this encumbering silence, we may justly assume that the African continent will not be a priority of the Trump presidency. Also, considering the type of envisioned (and delivered policies), both immigrants incoming the US (illegally or legally), and those already residing in the US (illegally), are likely to face repercussions, directly and indirectly affecting their access to the US and to the financial and educational resource it has became (i.e. Kenya, 30,000 illegal immigrant currently in the US).

Despite the deplorable human consequences of this potential scenario, which we should condemn and be concerned of, we may attempt to question the understanding of the role of foreign aid, and of Western countries/”underdeveloped” countries relations altogether.

…Should African nations long for US foreign aid?  Would it be reasonable to question weather a country, a continent, a region, is more likely to achieve an endurable, sustainable, and participated development through grassroots organisations and movements, civic creativity and cooperation, stakeholders’ dialogue, stakeholders’ cooperation, and the like? and, inevitably.. where does the root of poverty and human hardships of African countries really lie?…

Irrespective the perspective you take, there is a red (thick) thread. And that is the one of hypocrisy, spiritual poverty, ego-centrism, greediness, arrogance, obtusity,…

Is any structural change really going to change that?





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