Avant-première // Forthcoming “Metamorphosis Workshop. Frank Garam and his ever-mutating art pieces”


Hidden and fairy, Frank’s Atelier is a once in a life experience. Part of the underground Marseille, The Metamorphosis Workshop is a space of experiment, encounter and discovery. Since 18 years, 7/7, Frank Garam opens the doors of his home and workshop from 17pm, to 19pm, to anyone who happens to pass by. It has grown into a mythic place, yet still hidden and unknown.

He does not believe nor endorse money and all the circumstances, so to say, surrounding them. Here is how he summarizes the impasse :

“Human beings are made to be complementary. Then, there is a whole system that is made to break this up. Education, religion, possession…”


“Today, I have the impression that everybody expects a gain out of everything. A direct gain. Meaning, you invest, you harvest.”


He does not sell, nor preach. He welcomes in all simplicity and offers tea, or coffee.. and potentially many stories.

Forthcoming reportage on my encounter and conversations with him in the section Deep Skàtches.

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