Photoreportage // Underground Frank Garam

Photo-reportage realized in the atelier of Frank Garam, Marseille, South of France. Have a look at the full article!


“Frank Garam’s story is molded by his evolving relation to objects and social structure. His art is fueled by his innate quest for knowing, discerning, understanding. Not the realm of ideas, as it is often common in the Western world, but the one of matter, of transformation, of aesthetic and tangible expression.”


“From this very first experience, which lasted a few years, Frank understood that salary work was not his thing. He started asking himself why he should be dependent on someone, and apply orders coming from another person. By then, it was long he had started to recompose the objects he analysed.”


“As an artist of the extemporaneous and of recycling, Frank’s drawers are his mother source. He has everything in there. His tools.”

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