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We do use words a lot // to express, or to bury; to possess, or to enable; to divide, or to nourish; to define or to inquire.

Here it is done with parsimony and spontaneity, to offer windows of reflection into pioneering visual and conceptual landscapes.

Skàtching imagined / realized / platonic / practiced human spaces in the pursuit of continuous questioning for a critical consciousness.

~~~ * ~~~

Here’s a few introductory lines to tell you, approximately, what you may expect from this platform.

** Bear in mind // all is relative, and sticking to words brings problematic rigidity.

The site has three main areas, for the moment. The Blog’s Feed will be the most active area, where I will post brief commentaries on various topics concerning society in a loose sense of term. It will be a great place to find links to cool articles and videos.

A second Box of (s)Kàtches will be what you find under ‘Mixed Artworks’ on the sidebar. Here you’ll find simple artworks and ideas, of myself and others.

If you feel inspired, or would like to check out brain-playgrounds, then ‘Deep (s)Kàtches’ might be a place for you. You will find in depth articles on artists, writers, activists, or any individual/context that I believe display some aspects human exceptionality.

In the mood for web-diving? Have a look at the Blogroll, an accurate collection of cool spots across the globe.


There will be no timing for publishing, or regularity for the moment. Better give good stuff (thus with SENSE) rather then feed the bulimic rhythmic of the net.

In fact, rather than a “BLOG”, it is a “PLATFORM” // A space for networking young curious contemporary beasts, for getting a little brain shot, for inspiring your cells.

/// Stay Tuned.



About the Author 

Adventurer, explorer, thinker, lover of life, engaged, present.

Pushed by the winds of existence, I spent my adolescent and adult life, to date and probably “to future”, travelling, while studying, working and exploring. Countries most important in my formation are Italy, France, Germany, South Africa, and India.

I graduated in political science first and sociology of globalization then. As a passionate of multiculturalism and patient collector of resources, I speak five languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish and German), and have worked in diverse environments.

I consider myself an activist, a creative, a researcher, and part of a new vibrant generation, brought to face unprecedented challenges.