*** Moments, bubbles of evanescent perfectness. A round, gravitating globe, constant dynamic of change. Overflowing senses, vertiginous perceptions. Empathy.

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Avant-première // Forthcoming “Metamorphosis Workshop. Frank Garam and his ever-mutating art pieces”

*** Hidden and fairy, Frank’s Atelier is a once in a life experience. Part of the underground Marseille, The Metamorphosis Workshop is a space of experiment, encounter and discovery. Since 18 years, 7/7, Frank Garam opens the doors of his home and workshop from 17pm, to 19pm, to anyone who happens to pass by. It has […]

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Trump and Africa, what about?

    In the reverberating speeches generously offered by President Trump, the African continent is nonexistent. Some countries in the continent are holding their breath, fearing a Trump-lead dire review of US-Africa relations (i.e. Nigeria and Uganda). Despite this encumbering silence, we may justly assume that the African continent will not be a priority of the Trump […]

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